Pragmatic Humanism Revisited. An Essay on Making the World a Home

How can we feel at home in this world without clinging to false certainties? This book offers a humanist re-reading of philosophical pragmatism and explores its potentials for a worldview that relies only on human resources.

Honnacker, Ana: Pragmatic Humanism Revisited. An Essay on Making The World a Home. Palgrave 2018. ISBN-13: 9783030024406

Thinking along with authors like William James and F. C.S. Schiller, it highlights a fundamentally humanist strand of pragmatism aimed at fostering human creativity and transformative action. It is grounded in everyday experience and underlines our responsibility to strive for the better. Ana Honnacker traces perspectives on science, religion, and ethics in the light of a pragmatic understanding of humanism. Furthermore, she suggests how to address the existential challenges we face today. Thus, pragmatic humanism is explored not only as a philosophy for critical minds, but also as a way of life.