Humanism in a Non-Humanist World

This book brings together a diverse and wide-ranging group of thinkers to forge unsuspecting conversations across the humanist and non-humanist divide. How should humanism relate to a non-humanist world? What distinguishes “humanism” from the “non-humanist?”

Monica Miller (ed.): Humanism in a Non-Humanist World. Palgrave Macmillan 2017, 285 S.,  ISBN 978-3-319-57909-2

Readers will encounter a wide-range of perspectives on the terms bringing together this volume, where “Humanism” “Non-Humanist” and “World” are not taken for granted, but instead, tackled from a wide variety of perspectives, spaces, discourses, and approaches. This volume offers both a pragmatic and scholarly account of these terms and worldviews allowing for multiple points of analytical and practical points of entry into the unfolding dialogue between humanism and the non-humanist world. In this way, this volume is attentive to both theoretically and historically grounded inquiry and applied practical application.

Contributors: Allen Dwight Callahan, Christopher M. Driscoll, Eike Brock, Elonda Clay, Herb Silverman, Jürgen Manemann, Matthias Jung, Mike Aus, Monica R. Miller, Norm R. Allen, Toni Van Pelt