Lina Azizi

Fellow von Januar 2022
bis Juli 2023

About the person

Lina Azizi is a civil society activist, women's rights activist, and youth activist. A managerial expert and research analyst. Awarded the women's excellence award in 2020 and as the best international student of the year in the 2019 academic year while she was doing her master's in India. She obtained her master's in Diplomacy Law and Business with a dissertation "Political Transition and Gender Construction from Sour Revolution to the present "from JSIA school of OP Jindal Global University of India. She worked for almost 6 years within international organizations in the level of projects management, women empowerment, and management. She advocates for Afghan women's rights through the WAWvoice platform and she is part of the Afghan women network in Hannover.

Project at the FIPH

Land of Opportunities? A socio-economic analysis of Labor Migration (Afghanistan to the EU in last two decades)

Migration is a demographic and diverse location-based occurrence. Nevertheless, we are constantly witnessing the failure of migration in history. Researchers in this field believe that labor migration is the most important and challenging type of migration. Thus this research project analyzes the causes of failure and success of labor migration based on Everett Lee's Push-Pull theory by examining case studies from Afghanistan and EU countries. The project will focus on the sociological, demographical, and economic aspects with a link to the impacts of international labor migration on the reinforcement of international relations among the nation-states.